Cruz Issues Huge Statement On What the Bible Says About Killing Muslims… This Is Brutal & Lib Heads Are EXPLODING

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Sen. Ted Cruz said that he would not be violating his Christian faith if he followed through on his vow to “carpet bomb” Islamic State group militants — a statement that’s sure to upset liberals across the country.

The Texas Republican and presidential candidate told Newsmax Wednesday: ”Let’s be clear, the Bible says, ‘Thou shalt not murder,’ which is different from ‘Thou shalt not kill.’”


“Defending yourself is an obligation of any president. It is not murder,” Cruz added in the interview with Ed Berliner on “The Hard Line.”

Cruz pointed out that while America killed Nazis in World War II, it wasn’t murder.

“When you have the face of evil that has declared war … then it is the essence of duty to defend your nation, to defend the innocent,” he said. “When it comes to jihadists, they have declared war on us, and that’s what President Obama and Hillary Clinton refuse to acknowledge.”

The leader of the United States should fight radical Islam the same way President Ronald Reagan fought the Soviets when bringing an end to the Cold War, Cruz said. Reagan aimed his foreign policy around the notion of defeating communism — a strategy of “we win, they lose.”

Reagan “championed tax reform and regulatory reform,” Cruz said, which “unchained the American economy.” The economic growth that resulted from from his reform allowed the former president to rebuild the military and challenge Soviet communism “on every front, strategically we bankrupted the Soviet Union and won the Cold War.”

This is the kind of leadership America needs at a time when terrorists show no fear. Our leader needs to be aggressive and principled when taking on the Islamic State group, and the last thing he should worry about is offending anyone in the process.

And this is exactly what the White House lacks under the current administration.

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  • Karm11014

    Cruz is spot on!

  • Jaebo Daniels

    Thou shalt do no murder! This is another reason why we need Cruz, he is not Biblically illiterate like Trumpty dumpty! The Word of God must be studied under the original manuscripts, to be understood! Cruz/2016

    • Jim Hartley

      You had me up to “original manuscripts. ” They no longer exist.

      • Richard

        Dead Sea Scrolls.

  • Blake Glorasky

    Cruz hit the nail on the head as he always does. Cruz’n with Cruz to the White House!

    • Arizona Patriot

      • keylover

        His wifey is all for the New world order check that out!

        • Arizona Patriot

          He is her puppet. You are absolutely correct.

      • NymRod

        I have some ocean front property for sale in the Mojave Desert.

      • Blake Glorasky

        And you call yourself a patriot…give me a break. I doubt you’d post a picture saying the same about men like Jeff Sessions, Steve King and Mike Lee just because they’re not the ones running for POTUS. Yet again, it’s those 3 men who back Cruz more than anyone. Cruz is a honest candidate who cares about America and our well being don’t let the liberal media and establishment bias spin you into thinking Cruz is a man he is not.

        • Arizona Patriot

          You can remain stupid just like Obamabots did. Or you can actually research & prove yourself to love our Country.

      • phantomwishes

        Just curious, why do you think this?

  • KC

    Ted Understands the difference between cold blooded murder, and the justifiable killing of those who have declared war on America, and the American people.

  • Thomas John Begush

    You can use the bible to justify anything you want, even use it to encourage xenophobia. Rafael Cruz will not have my vote.

    • Blake Glorasky

      Funny you’d say that…it was actually the bias interviewer who brought up the bible to justify a point against him…Cruz was just correcting the man on the fact that he was ill informed.

      • onlyme14

        Some people just don’t know how to think before they speak err, type. Lol

  • Tony Piacente

    GOD WARNED US about these savages, IN GENESIS 16:12. They haven’t changed since the beginning of time.

    • Nikki Kracht

      They did not exist then. These pieces of shit did not come to life till 1600 hundred years ago. Long after Genesis.

      • erikkinsley

        I think you missed the point…evil has been here since the beginning.

      • keylover

        Wrong they were around in 1104 causing havoc and murder…they have never changed at all…they do need to learn how to act!

        • Kay Briskey

          The Crusades were begun by Pope Urban, in 1096 to retake Jerusalem, captured and prized by the Muslims, and lasted for about two hundred years.

          • Shari Rhodes

            Therefore, Muslims were around long before 1096, when the Crusades began. Muslims had been committing atrocities and murders against Christians and Jews for 400 years before the start of the Crusades! Kinda like they’re doing now….but hopefully we won’t put up with it for another 400 years before we annhilate them. The genesis of Arab people was way back before Jesus was born and lived his life on Earth, during Old Testament days. And there has always been enmity between the Jews and Muslims!

      • Tony Piacente

        You obviously know nothing about the Bible. Fool. Ishmael is the father of the Ishmaelites. who evolved into Islam.

        • Kay Briskey

          Nikki Kracht was referring to the Muslim religion, which did not begin until 600 years after Jesus was crucified, dead, buried, and arose on the third day. You, Tony Placente, are absolutely correct in saying the Ishaelites are descended from Ishmael, the older half brother of Isaac.

        • Nikki Kracht

          I know who Ishmael is. How his mother and he was cast out into the desert with a promise that he too would be a father of multitudes. How he was not the chosen son.. BUT, that isn’t who we are talking about now is it?? We are talking about the religion of on islam. Mohammad the pervert created. He stole pieces from every religion then defiled it even more adding his love of pedophilia, sodomy, murder, rape and bestiality. islam worships the fallen star, lucifer the serpent. Its just another form of satanism. Just evil and perverted and against human nature. Split hairs elsewhere.

  • smithpae

    murdering for God. But I’m sure his God is muchmore caring than Allah. Religion poisons everything.

  • Ray Williams

    If you want to anger a Lib,tell the truth.

  • David Sendero Del Santos

    What scum these NewNazi christ mongers are.

  • TXMaverick

    Cruz is one of the first people I have heard mention the correct meaning of the original Hebrew text of the Bible. The Sixth Commandment says “Thou Shalt Not Murder”….which is very different than thou shalt not kill as most people know it today.

  • Les Petersen

    Romans 13 gives direction on stopping evil.

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  • Ebon Hand

    What about the innocent bystanders, women and children that carpet bombing hits? That is murder Mr. Cruz. You’re delusional if you think this man would make a good president.

    Read some world news people. The indiscriminate bombing is hitting babies in their cribs and giving Isis new recruits.

    • Richard

      Nice that you add the word indiscriminate to it so that you can argue against it. Cruz said carpet bomb ISIS.. you can bet he’ll do his best to avoid any civilian casualties to the best of his ability. Your liberal brain is working on overdrive! Now you are almost as smart as my 11 year old!

      • Ebon Hand

        Do you even know what carpet bombing is? By it’s very definition it is a saturation of an area with explosives. I am an air force veteran, trust me it isn’t accurate. And how would Ted cruz do his best to avoid civilian casualties? Is he going to fly the bombers himself? Maybe he will be on the ground being shot at while he paints the target with a laser designator? No, he will send brave men to do it while he talks a big talk at home and collects huge paychecks from his donors.

        You call me a liberal but you know nothing about what I am. You are so indoctrinated by conservative vs liberal bullshit that you fail to see reason and resort to name calling and belittling to make yourself feel better. Cruz won’t win, sorry to break it to you. He does not care about you, he cares about his donors and your votes, nothing more, and will say anything to get it.

        • rdlynn

          As anyone with a room temperature is aware that the point of war is to kill the enemy and destroy his war fighting ability not avoid civilian casaulties. “Innocent civilian casaulties” is one of the sticks the Left uses to beat their political opponents. They don’t care a whit that using it caused tens of thousands of needless American military casaulties in the last fifteen years, the election of an incompetent buffoon as President, and a serious failure in the war against Sharia.

        • Robadude32

          Blah blah blah. More useless BS.

          • Ebon Hand

            What an intelligent rebuttal! Bravo!

        • Robadude32

          Blah blah blah. More useless BS.

        • NymRod

          Ted will win and be our next President.

    • phantomwishes

      They are going to indiscriminately bomb you. Do you think you are somehow being heroic by dying and allowing YOUR children to die?
      No thanks. My brain still functions.

      • Ebon Hand

        What would Jesus do?

        • rdlynn

          He wouldn’t cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in the service of the Muslim Brotherhood.

        • phantomwishes

          Well, I don’t think he would let his own children be killed or converted to Islam.

          • phantomwishes

            Oh, and I also think he wouldn’t use such language as “bullsh__” like you did.

    • Dan Moore

      Hitting babies in their crib is bad, but I look at it as preventing them becoming adult terrorists and a dead muslim woman is no longer a terrorist baby factory. Muslim women and children all want to kill us. It is all they are taught.

    • Robadude32

      We sure as FU CK are lucky we didn’t have liberal disease that was rampant during WW2 or you would never have existed missy. Think about that before spewing your bleeding heart BS!!!

  • Rhastafarian

    Obama and Clinton are pro Islam, they don’t understand the danger of the devil. Liberalism is a greatest danger of all.

  • Thomas Mc

    Christianity is what happens when your brain stops functioning properly.

    • Richard

      Or when your brain stops thinking it’s the smartest thing in the world.

    • Denver Bob

      really … Hmmm… So why does the calendar reflect BC & AD when it counts the years?

    • Denver Bob

      really … Hmmm… So why does the calendar reflect BC & AD when it counts the years?

  • Gentlemanandscholar

    So… What else does he think the Bible says… That we don’t know about? What is his interpretation of…….

  • mamaainthappy

    Totally agree

  • porkyhontas

    I also remember back when Cruz have me a blow job. He was really awesome at it!

  • billio68

    Only good islamist muslim is a carpet bombed one!!!

  • Anthony Ivy

    Cruz is going to be a AWESOME President! Leadership at the helm of a ship that has had no steering, other than directing it toward the reef…the Liberals and “establishment” reel in fear of this Man, because it will be the ending of the way they have attempted to DESTROY this Great Country.

  • ddcannady

    The Bible is not a suicide pact, neither is the Constitution. Defending our country is synonymous with defending our families and our own lives. Progressives demand that we make that secondary to their agenda. We are utterly expendable, in their eyes. So, why should we care at all what they think(it is overly generous to call it “thinking”)?

    • marcdanarc

      It is also overly generous to call them “Progressives”.

  • Haywoode Jeblomie

    sambo is too scared to do it.

  • Arizona Patriot

    Kill Islam & Deport this illegal alien Ted Cruz back to Canada.

    • Denver Bob

      Uh… Arizona Patriot — What is your definition makes Ted Cruz an Illegal Alien – The fact that his father was a Cuban, or the fact that his Mother was a US Citizen? If the fact that he was born on another country’s soil, then John McClain, your Senator was also an illegal Alien as well as Barack Obama – because his mother’s Sperm donor was from the colony of Kenya (allegedly – But I believe Frank Marshal Davis is Barack’s real dad – which also makes him an American – dang it).

  • LLobaAzul

    War is hell. It’s a very bad thing. You cannot fight a war without innocents dying. That is why they should not make war against us.

  • D.l. Hannah

    putting murders to death is not a sin

  • Cornell Hohensee

    Anyone who supports our enemies domestic and or foreign are traitors worthy of severe punishment up to and including death….

  • larryburke

    You are all blood thirsty crazies.

  • davis0102

    When you speak of “carpet bombing” a region or country to get at a invader group that is spread out among the general population, you disqualify yourself as a person sane or decent enough to be President. You also insure that the conflict will spread and never end so long as ridiculous practices are followed.

    • phantomwishes

      Yeah. Much better to just send our soldiers to their deaths.

  • Ray Urban

    The things that need to be said and acted on — Muslims are not actually citizens of the United States -SEMPER FI — Psalm 91

  • Shannon M Richardson

    I believe Mr. Cruz has it right . Biblical text does state we are not to commit murder. It also states we are responsible for protecting ourselves, family, friends and neighbors from evil. We are to exact vengeance as an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and a life for a life. Islam is a threat to the entire world. There is no such thing as a peaceful Islamist. If they follow the QUran and are true to that edicts of Islam, they aRE NOT TO BE TRUSTED. ISLAM IS A CULT OF DEATH AND IGNORANCE, THOSE WHO FOLLOW IT ARE BY THEIR OWN ADMISSION ISLAMIC JIHADIST.

  • Kay Briskey

    Ted Cruz knows the Bible, which liberals don’t, for which reason they can just shut up!

  • WebWalker

    Cruz for DOJ! Trump for Prez!

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  • William F

    DO IT. This ideology should have been wiped off the face of the earth centuries ago.

  • Chris

    Get your biblical verses correct before you go to quoting them Cruz because it does say thou shall not kill NEVER once did it ever say anywhere thou shall not murder