Cruz Says ‘Washington Cartel’ Is Panicking… ‘If Conservatives Unite, We Win’ (Video)

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Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz said on “Hannity” tonight that the “Washington cartel” is panicking because conservatives across the country are uniting.

“If conservatives unite, we win,” Cruz said. “In past elections, what Washington’s tried to do was divide and splinter conservatives, and what we’re seeing is, conservatives are uniting.”



He said that as the establishment becomes more terrified, there will be a deluge of “false attack ads.”

The Texas senator said that his response will be to avoid the mudslinging and focus on his positive, optimistic, conservative vision.

“We can turn America around if we get back to the free market principles and constitutional liberties that built this country,” he said.

“The American people are tired of the failed big government policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton … And we need to bring power back to the people.”